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Navigate Stressful situations - create a Chi change

We are all uniquely ridiculous; experiencing this crazy world from our differing perspectives. Each of us subconsciously and constantly scans and filters the environment for friend or foe, threat or opportunity. Diversity within a community can create strength through tolerance, compassion and unity. However many of us are on high alert with low-level anxiety as the undercurrent of our daily existence. Tuning into the apocalyptic news of the day in addition to our existing burdens and traumas, we can feel threatened by the smallest incident and retreat into separation and survive-rather-than-thrive mode.

The ancients believed that given the right environment the body and mind could heal itself of many common ailments. Rest, acupressure, gentle movement, connected breathing, focussed awareness, herbs and foods were the mainstays of health, creating balancing shifts in Qi (pronounced Chi) and vitality. In our modern, busy, urban existence returning to a state of balance quickly is often needed, for if our inner world remains out of kilter for too long, ill-health and disease can take hold.

Bringing our conscious focus from the stimulating, sometimes frightening outside world into our internal realm is known to switch the nervous system from Sympathetic (Fight or Flight) to being Para-sympathetic dominant (Rest, Digest & Renew). Shifting from thinking to feeling/sensing uses our voluntary ability to affect our physiological processes, all within a few focussed moments of intentional self-regulation.

Here is a quick Heart-Brain Coherence technique that can be practiced anytime, anywhere within 30 secs or longer if you can take the time to slow down a little.

This practice helps synchronise the hearts’ electromagnetic field with our brain waves, quickly creating system-wide coherence and harmony. It can open us up to more positive experiences, shifting our attention from the outward-focussed world of the personal/ego identity (Personhood) to an awareness of our inner reality and to creating Presence and peace.

Can be done with eyes open or closed, seated comfortably or lying down:

1. Rest a few fingers in the centre of your chest or over your heart.

2. Gently breathe into your belly, allowing your belly to expand as you inhale and your chest to lightly inflate under your fingers. Repeat 2 more times.

3. Allow the breath to continue moving down into the belly and up into your chest, bring your awareness to the centre of your chest (with your belly still rising) and bring to mind someone or something that you feel care or appreciation towards, it could be a family member, a friend, an animal or a special place. Continue to breathe into the belly while keeping your awareness in your chest/heart area, consciously invoking the feelings of care, appreciation, gratitude, love.

4. Breathe this heart-based emotion in and out through centre of chest. Repeat 3 more times or as many times as you feel to.

5. As you breathe into this feeling/energy/warmth, if you feel to you can also imagine it spreading down into the belly and legs and up through the head and into the arms moving through the cells in your body, especially to any areas which require healing.

6. If you feel to expand this practice out to assist others, this compassionate, heart-based energy can then be sent to out into the world to specific people, places or to the earth in general with the intention of sending vibrations of peace and harmony to all that require it.

Check into see if your state of being is different than when you started the practice, what has changed?

There is actually a science behind non-local, group peace meditation; when performed by groups of people at a specific time, it can result in a reduction in violent crime in the areas which are the focus of this conscious attention. The HeartMath Institute with its’ Global Coherance Initiative has been conducting groundbreaking research on the interconnection between humanity and Earth’s magnetic fields and energetic systems since 2009.

Diane Carter is a Global Coherance Initiative Ambassador, for any questions on how this new science can assist you and the greater good feel free to contact by email or phone 0422 944 004.

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