Diane Carter

Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine) ​ Chinese Medicine Registration Board Certified
Certificate Facial Renewal Acupuncture​  |  Certificate Esoteric Acupuncture​  Certificate Meridian Massage
Reiki 2 Practitioner  AACMA, AHPRA (Acupuncture)

"Diane is passionate about helping people who wish to make the most of their physical, emotional and spiritual potential" 


As a degree-trained and board-certified Acupuncturist and Natural Therapist of 20 years, Diane draws on the traditions of Oriental Medicine, Japanese Acupuncture and Nutrition to facilitate people to discover the vitality at the core of being human.


Lifestyle and Nutritional advice also form the basis of guiding people through a journey discovering their unique constitution and ancient self-healing techniques to create balance, peace and joy in life.


Through individually-tailored treatment sessions in her studio in Hyland Park, NSW, local and international workshops and retreats, Diane supports and guides people to live passionately in accordance within natural cycles and principles. 


Diane has also been selected as a Synthesis Brand Ambassador due to her love of a holistic lifestyle and passion for Australian, certified-organic, beautifully-made skincare.

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Conscious Media Projects

Transparency TV is a passion project of ours to Illuminate and Inspire, to shine the light on remarkable creativity, authenticity and solutions for a better world.

We all love a good story that brings passion to the fore and follows the journey of the individual against all odds.


Showcasing the stories and work of artists and visionaries with heart and soul, sharing the wisdom of our deeply human and transformational is how we can all heal and grow.

Transparency is an official parter of Art to Healing, ​who enable the recovery of girls and women from the trauma of Sex Slavery. We are inspired by the work of Atira Tan and her foundation and support their vision through our skills and love.





Byron Spirit Festival & Retreat,  April 2016


Manana Festival, Santiago de Cuba, May 2016

Art to Healing - Womens' Wellness Program - Nepal 2017 & 2018